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    We haven’t forgotten to update our blog.  It’s on the top of my mind every day.  Unfortunately, we are in our busiest time of year, and work gets in the way of some of these processes.  Expect the next few weeks to be just as dry, with little or no fun projects being posted.  Its not because there isn’t anything to share, I promise you that!   With Fiesta Bowl Parade float construction in full swing, we are busily working on Ft McDowell Yavapai Nation’s float, as well as Grand Canyon University.  These are going to be two amazing floats this year!  I’ve taken many photos of the process, and there is so much to share…However, our clients have asked us to keep it under wraps until after the parade.  They want the unveiling to be a surprise.  I don’t blame them.  These are really coming along nicely, and should be really beautiful displays when complete.

    With these projects consuming our time for the next 4 weeks, there will be little room for other projects that could fill this space.  So expect very few updates for a bit.  But January… Well, we’ll have a lot to share then.  Stay Tuned!