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    Its been a busy bunch of MONTHS.  So I have been unable to blog as much as I would have liked.  Having wrapped up our latest project which I’m quite fond of, I decided I had to post some pictures!
    The ever popular (and rare) Dole Pineapple Whip, which is most commonly found at Disney parks and at the Dole Plantation in Hawaii, has come to Belmont Park.  

    Belmont Park is undergoing some major renovation in San Diego, California.  We have been fortunate enough to be involved in several projects there and enjoy every one of them.  Most recently, we’ve been able to decorate an existing (boring) little shack, to look like something a bit more exciting that fits its atmosphere a little better.  After our proposed concept art was accepted we set to work on a very difficult – short timeline task.  The results are some of our proudest work.

    We were given the following site, with an existing building to dress up with some sort of theming to fit the local atmosphere and advertise the Dole Pineapple Whip that would be sold from this building.

    I sketched a rough concept and later refined it into this idea:
    2014-02-10 16.38.20-2

    After an approval we set to work on creating the “Dole Whip Jeep”.  After a great deal of work, this is the final installation at Belmont Park:



    Because of the width of the building, the entire thing couldn’t be hidden in the Jeep, so we had to cover the top and back side of the building with cargo and crates.
    Hidden in the crates on the back, is  the door for the workers to enter the kitchen.


    2014-02-06 02.23.50-2



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