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    Our family loves Halloween.  We usually go over the top in many ways.  Halloween really has 2 different themes.  There is the fun traditional theme with pumpkins and fun witches, etc.  Then there is the gory bloody Halloween.

    I personally like the fun Halloween better myself.  As such, there is a lot that can be learned from Disney’s Haunted Mansion.  So many fun singing ghosts and haunts that are more creepy than scary.  One of my favorite elements is the singing busts singing the classic Grim Grinning Ghosts song.

    As a personal project for our home, I found a video on YouTube of the singing busts.  It was a high contrast video, (meaning, the faces were white, but the background and surrounding area was black).

    I got to work sculpting the busts from some reference imagery I was able to find online.

    Then I 3D Scanned the clay models.  After editing in the computer slightly, I sized them (slightly larger than lifesize) and readied them for machining using Vectric Aspire.

    I then cut them from EPS foam on the Shopbot CNC machine.

    Upon completion, there was a bit of strategic positioning needed to have them line up with the projection of the YouTube video.
    But with a little effort they lined up nicely.

    The photo looks more like the actual production.  Capturing the display on video is tricky because of the high contrast.  The exposure wants to either see the pillars or the lit up faces.  But I captured it anyway to show some of the animation happening.





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