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    This was a fun little project we did, just because we could.  Sometimes making a little something for ourselves gives us a little boost.   My wife asked me to make a stand for her phone.   I couldn’t just make a stand, it had to do …Something.
    Here is what I came up with.  This is what we’ve nicknamed:  The iGrammaphone.

    < Click on the picture of the iGrammaphone for a video demonstration.

    The design is quite simple, but quite elegant.  Essentially, it’s a block of wood, decoratively sculpted around a horn.  The horn, is a very inexpensively available bicycle horn.  I cut the rubber bulb off the end and plugged it into a hole drilled in the side of my custom made block of wood.  Add a little stain and varnish, whalah, a “Passive Amplifier”.

    A passive amplifier is an amplification system that redirects soundwaves and makes them penetrate further and more efficiently.  So it seemingly makes the sound louder.  It actually works about like cupping your hand near a speaker to direct the sound closer to your ear.

    This design only works with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models.  The previous iPhones, and iPod Touch’s have the speaker on the other side of the charge port so the sound does not get directed properly down the horn.

    As a commemorative celibration for launching our new website, we’d like to offer the source files to this project for free.
    PLEASE NOTE:  This file is absolutely useless to any viewers of our website or blog that do not have a CNC machine to mill the file.  This is not much of an average Do It Yourself project, because only a handful of people can use this.  Feel free to use as you wish, but please let people know where you got it from.  Also, please do not reproduce this for commercial use.

    The horn can be purchased through Amazon, or many local bike stores.
    Amazon :BIKE HORN

    And the .STL file for machining with a CNC Machine can be found here:

    Igramaphone-v4.5(Right-Click Save-As)

    I highly recommend using Vectric Cut3D or Vectric Aspire to setup your cutting files.
    This was meant to be a cheap project, so it was specifically designed around using a 2×4 as the material.  But you can use any type of wood you can cut.

    Please enjoy!


    NOTE:  Licensing of this product is as follows:

    iGrammaPhone – by JPro Studios –

    Please feel free to use this file for personal use.  And for *Gifts for friends and family.
    But please do not sell this file, or anything produced from this file including itterations.

    For non commercial use only.
    For commercial licensing, contact JD Winters –

    Thank you

    *gifts would include donations, and other charitable causes.



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