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    A friend of mine who is a volunteer firefighter, opened an automotive garage.  He came to me to have me design a logo for him.  He had some inspired ideas and really wanted to have his firefighting heritage somehow represented.  We went on to design a logo for him that he loves.   We always take the extra care necessary to create a logo properly, as VECTOR ART.  Too often customers come to us with a logo that their nephew “designed in photoshop”.  This type of file is not universally compatible with different forms of print and web use.  A properly designed logo is done as a vector, then it opens the doors to so many possibilities.  One such thing that comes from a well designed vector logo, is our ability to turn it into a 3D sign.

    After the 3D Model is produced, we can enlarge it digitally, and prepare it for cutting on the ShopBot.   We used Vectric Cut 3D for this sign toolpathing.  It makes short work of projects like this.  Before long, we had it out cutting away on the CNC machine, it took quite a while because of all of the z-axis travel.  But when finished, it was worth the wait.

    After coating it with a hardcoat, we were able to make the magic happen.  The paint and detail work really makes it all come together, and always puts a smile on the clients face.   It’s better than they expected, and we’d produce no less.


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