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    My wife said she wanted a Stand-up Paddleboard. I did a little research, and then said… “I can do that.”So I modeled out a board after looking at several designs online, I couldn’t find one I loved. So I took some of my favorite features, and made a 3D model.

    Then to make a 12′ long board like I wanted. I had to make a front and back section to cut from EPS Foam.

    (my wife would have been fine with a smaller one. But according to my weight and the research I did, for me to ride, it needed to be 12′ long.)

    I used the doublesided cut feature in Vectric Cut 3D and made top and bottom for the front half, and top and bottom for the back. I added tabs to hold it in place durring cutting, this was more crucial on the front, as it curves up slightly, and therefore wasn’t cutting a flat plane.

    I finished the board with epoxy resin and fiberglass. I actually made two, because her sister wanted one too.

    Here are the project files (.stl 3D files)  Included are 3 files.  One is the complete board so you can chop it up in your software of choice (I recommend Vectric Cut3D or Vectric Aspire).  The other two files are section 1 and section 2 (if the board were split to fit 2 – 4×8 sheets.

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    JProStudios-Paddle-Board-Project (Right click Save As)

    Licensing and Usage:
    PaddleBoard – by JPro Studios – www.jprostudios.comPlease feel free to use this file for personal use.  And for *Gifts for friends and family.
    But please do not sell this file, or anything produced from this file including itterations.For non commercial use only.
    For commercial licensing, contact JD Winters –

    Thank you

    *gifts would include donations, and other charitable causes.


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