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    In the old days, it took a chisel, hammer and some tough hands to create a sign in stone. Nowadays, we use Vectric Aspire and a couple of mouse clicks. Our robotic friend (The Shopbot CNC machine) takes care of the rest.  …Well…technically, it’s not “stone” – but it looks like it is!

    First thing I needed to do was create a model of a rock. This was more intimidating than difficult. But the process was one of those where 15 years of experience had paid off, and I was able to make a pretty basic rock model in no time at all.
    The idea was to make the logo look like an imprint in the rock. So we had to first setup the model in Aspire, then project the logo onto it. This process requires a bit change as the rock becomes sculpted complete with no markings, then a V-Carve bit is put in the machine to sculpt into the irregular surface. It must be done without moving the sculpture. The V-Carving will cut a set depth into the surface, but only where it thinks the rock actually is. Had I moved the rock between cuts, we would have had a disaster on our hands.
    Here is a screenshot of the rock model with the logo projected onto it.


    Here is a picture of the rock right off the CNC machine.


    Here are some pictures after basecoat was applied, but before detail painting.




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