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    Many people get the opportunity to meet great men in their lifetime.  One on my list that I’ve had the opportunity to know, is Kelly Kellogg.  I am also lucky to be married to his beautiful daughter.

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    Kelly is a story teller.  He has some adventures under his belt that belong in books or movies.  When the opportunity arises, he’ll share a relevant tale of honor, respect, and other virtues.  Often times it leads into a story that we can’t validate it’s authenticity.  He’s told us time and time again when questioned on the reality of the experience, “I never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

    Most of his adventures are very true, others ‘might’ be slightly embellished.  We’ll never know which is which, but they are all great stories.   I’ve decided to capture some of them, and illustrate according to his description.  This will be the first video in what I hope to make a complete series.



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